Monday, December 27, 2010

It's about time

I maintain blogs on both the Blogger and WordPress platforms. There certainly are other platforms out there as well. I was about to migrate all my Blogger blogs to some other platform over a technical glitch on Blogger that had tested the furthest reaches of my patience - search.

Forever, the search widget made by Google did not work. Shouldn't it be inexcusable that the company who built its billions on search couldn't get a search widget right? 

However, I'm delighted to observe that it's finally actually working, for now. This is a relief for me because migrating to another platform and learning how to make that new platform work would have been a major headache. Sure, in the long run I'd be better for the growth. But, growing when you must is not as much fun as growing when you want, and I didn't want to grow in that direction at this time
So, thanks Google - I'll stay a while, yet.