Sunday, May 15, 2011

Finally, a negative experience in Ubuntu

It had to happen, at some point. I've found something that is very definitely much easier in Windows than in Ubuntu - creating PDFs.

Sure, spitting out a document from OpenOffice to PDF is easy - there's a print as PDF option built in. But, I don't like using OpenOffice, I prefer using Microsoft Office, and I'm able to use MS Office in Ubuntu thanks to CrossOver.

In order to set up PDF as a print option, here is an example of instructions for making it happen. I actually tried to follow other instructions, it never worked, then found these, and haven't even bothered to try it.

For techie people, sure, as the writer said, "this is easy." But for regular people, it ain't easy at all, and it had me wistfully recalling how easy it was to install a PDF print driver in Windows.

There are online services that will create a PDF for you - you upload your document, they generate the PDF and email it back to you. That's all fine and dandy, unless you'd prefer not to expose your information to "some website".

So, this is one of those processes where I find myself saving a file, rebooting to Windows, and creating the PDF there. I really am amazed that the open source community hasn't created a more simple application to make this easy in Ubuntu, but at this stage, this is one area where Windows currently still is better than Ubuntu.

And you know that was painfully difficult for me to concede.


Anonymous said...

You can set up a virtual printer to do this. "Print" what you want converted to PDF to your virtual printer, and it creates a PDF for you. Gory details here: